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woluf said: 

can I have a member card please



*prints, laminates, puts in wallet*

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“I’m desperately trying to write songs that are fantastic and make life affirming in the sort of all the right ways, but I personally think that that’s what the music’s supposed to do… and umm, if you write the words correctly, you can be absorbing all this stuff. But really, the whole point is the music flows over you. Music, basically, is like mathematics, you know, and you’re trying to form patterns, patterns that make you understand what is around you, and patterns that, umm, help you get through the next day. Like, when I listen to the radio and stuff, and I hear a new piece of music that I, you know, I’ve just got to get a hold of it, because it’s, it’s, I know it’s going to help me through a particular thing, until the next one… or its, its life affirming, the whole point of music is it’s life affirming.”

Thom Yorke

The Culture Show 2006 

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A saltire was burned today. I’m still disgusted. People have been stabbed and beaten today. Nazi salutes were thrown infront of a war memorial today. Young people have had abuse hurled at them left and right. Do not ignore this. Do not ignore what’s happening in Glasgow tonight.

if you’re not gaelic or not residing in scotland it is your duty to make this blow up.

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Phil Selway: Actually I shared a room with Thom for three years and I have to say he was a perfectly civilized person to share a room with.

Interviewer: What kind of person in the morning, when he wakes up, how would you describe him, what’s he like at eight o’clock in the morning, when he’s got to get up to do interviews? Paint the picture for us.

Phil Selway: Fluffy.

- XFM, January 1998

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